Sunday, September 16, 2007

(Mostly Black and White) Artists to look up

Ben Shahn (famous painter and draftsman)
Mike Mignola (Hellboy creator)
Bruce Timm (super-influential animator and comic book artist)
Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes creator)
Jaime Hernandez (Love and Rockets comic book co-creator)
Edwin Fotheringham (freelance illustrator)
Al Columbia (Biologic Show comic book creator)
Dave McKean (amazing comic book artist and illustrator)
Frank Miller (Sin City creator)
Edward Gorey (famous Cape Cod artist and children's book creator)
Arnold Lobel (children's book illustrator)
Charles Addams (addams Family creator)
Lynd Ward (great illustrator)
Yoshisuke Kurosaki (great children's book illustrator)
Bernie Wrightson (Frankenstein illustrator and comicbook legend)
Alex Nino (famous illustrator of Illustrated Classics)
Nestor Redondo (famous illustrator of Illustrated Classics)
Maurice Sendak (legendary children's book illustrator)
Virgil Finlay (amazing illustrator)
Trina Schart Hyman (great children's book illustrator)
Richard Sala (Evil Eye creator, comicbook artist, and illustrator)
Matt Smith (great local illustrator)
Pushead(hugely influential skateboard/ poster/ t-shirt artist)
Mike Sutfin (great illustrator)
Drew Friedman (super stipple artist)
Jeff Grader (great illustrator and MassArt illustration grad)
Jordin Isip (great illustrator)
Melinda Beck (great illustrator, constantly evolving style)
Matt Mahurin (great illustrator)
Chris Van Allsburg (famous children's book author/ artist)
Tony D'Terlizzi (great children's book artist)
Dan Blakeslee (amazing local illustrator)
Peter McCarty (great kids' book illustrator)
Ed Emberly (hilarious kids' book illustrator)
Leonard Baskin (very powerful images by this artist)
Barry Moser (hugely influential illustrator)
Charles Bragg (great illustrator)
Kathe Kollwitz (very powerful images by this artist)
Bruno Paul (the MAN)
Doug Fraser (very successful illustrator)
Jody Hewgill (great illustrator)
Basil Gogos (hugely influential illustrator)
N8 Williams (great young illustrator)
Dave DeVries (Monster Engine creator)
Dan McCarthy (amazing local artist and poster designer)
Joe Keinberger (great local painter/ illustrator)
Salty Dave (great local illustrator/ tattoo artist)
Cameron Bennett (great illustrator and MassArt illustration grad)

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